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The Benefits of Lifestyle Fitness

Lethbridge FitnessThe Lethbridge Fitness truly believes that a lifestyle of physical fitness will enhance your body, mind and soul. In our busy lives many of us don’t feel we have time for fitness. Yet, without putting ourselves first we are settling for a life that is second best. By working towards and maintaining a lifestyle of fitness we enhance the quality our of lives in every aspect.


“Regular exercise helps raise the percentage of beneficial HDL cholesteral and lowers the TC/HDL ratio (total cholesteral divided by HDL cholesteral) to a low risk profile.” (Dr. William Castelli)


“Exercisers are 100% more likely to to find ways to relax and are 300% more likely to be able to relax when under stress.” (Joel Gurin, T.George Harris)

High Blood Pressure

“Regular exercise helps reduce systematic arterial blood pressure.”(Dr. William Haskell)

Body Weight and Composition

“By burning calories more efficiently and allowing the body to burn calories while at rest, regular exercise helps maintain optimal body weight and composition.” (Dr. William Haskell)

Injury Protection

“Strength training programs typically lower sports injury rates.” (C.B. Rians, M.D, A. Weltman, M.D)

Improvement of Sleep

“Regular exercise typically causes more continuous and restful sleep.” (Dr. James Wasco)


“Regular exercise helps keep joints flexible, helps build and preserve muscle strength, and helps protects joints from further stress.” (Arthritis Basic Facts, Arthritis Foundation)


“Exercisers feel sick almost 30% less often than non-exercisers.” (Walter Bortz, M.D)


“Physically fit men die four times less often from Cancer, and physically fit women die 16 times less often from Cancer than unfit men and women.”(Dr. Steven Blair)


Lethbridge FitnessThe people here at the Lethbridge Fitness are great. The employees are very knowledgeable and always willing to help out in any way. The members are friendly and helpful as well, creating an open atmosphere to work out in. The new building is awesome, very spacious, with great equipment. Keep up the great work!!

– Charlene Guillet

Speaking for the over 50 crowd, I love the new facility and the variety of equipment offered and especially the fact that you don’t feel intimidated by the younger crowd as there’s such a good cross-section of age groups using the club.

– Bruce McKillop

I have been a member of the Fitness Club for 8 years and I am impressed with all the facets of this club. The facility is immaculate and the equipment is clean and well organized. There is a high level of training available and the owners are usually available to greet customers on a first name basis. [This] ensures the quality of the club is always at an optimum level.

– Gerald W. Varzari