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Personal Training

Certified Personal Trainers:

  Ken Balaz
Mandy Sauer
Rachelle Hucale
-Exercise Science Diploma, CPT


  • The Personal Trainers at Lethbridge Fitness want you to experience their knowledge, expertise and dedication to personal training.
  • Professional, comfortable and experienced, our trainers have a desire to help you succeed.
  • Successful results come from our thorough consultations and our “get to it” no-nonsense training, so let us develop the best approach for you to personally achieve your fitness goals.


SMALL GROUP TRAINING: Minimum of 10 sessions

  • Get a few small friends together and train with one of our highly qualified personal trainers. Small group training can be a lot of fun and more cost effective than one on one sessions.

Contact us for more information about Small Group Training

Training Guidelines

Lethbridge Fitness

  • Be on time, time is a valuable commodity
  • Wear proper work-out clothing (ie: running shoes)
  • Provide 24 hours notice to cancel/reschedule, otherwise the full cost of the session will be charged


  • Take the guesswork out of your workouts – with personal training there is no need to wonder what you are going to do next or if there is something you are doing right. Our goal is to enable you to perform at your best.
  • Whether your goal is an athletic pursuit, improving body composition or overall health, we will provide you with a customized program to address your needs.
  • Making a commitment to regular training sessions will ensure you are always progressing and experiencing results!

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Personal Trainer

  • Weight loss and control
  • Results 3X faster than working out on your own
  • Motivation + Accountability
  • Individualized program for your needs and goals
  • Preplanned workouts to maximize your time
  • Progressive routines to keep you challenged
  • Learn safely and prevent injuries
  • The ‘latest’ training techniques backed by exercise science
  • 80% better results than on your own
  • Achieve goals you never thought possible!!!
“Get Motivated, Take Action, Be Successful”