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Brenda Baun


Brenda Baun

I have been athletic all my life and am an avid skier and runner.  I ran many marathons and half marathons as well as I was a volunteer fitness instructor for many years at the YMCA.  I was qualifying for the Boston Marathon when I had a bad ski accident at Whistler which led to a major knee operation and over a year of recovery.  Not being able to be as athletic as I once was had a profound affect on me both emotionally and physically.

I ended up reinjuring my knee again and had a choice to have another operation or start a weight training program to strengthen the muscles around the knee.  Even though I was never a big fan of weight training and being in a gym I chose the latter.  It was important for me to choose a gym that had a lot of variety and good atmosphere but more important a trainer that would work with me to design/tailor a program that would help me accomplish my goals.  After some research I chose to join Lethbridge gym.  Now the hard part was to chose the right trainer for me.  After meeting Rachelle and discussing my goals I decided to train with her.  In our first meeting I liked her knowledge of fitness and her enthusiasm.  I  decided to train three times a week and I committed to six months of training.

From the first training day to today Rachelle has designed various programs which incorporates many types of exercises using free weights, kettle bells, the machines, TRX and the ropes.  In order not to get bored she designs two programs at a time in which we interchange and we do them for at least 2 weeks and if I like the programs I tell her I would like another week or two doing the same program.  I am not afraid of pushing myself but Rachelle pushes me that little bit further.  In addition, Rachelle has done a lot of research on my injuries and the type of exercises that would be best suited for me and incorporates them into my work out.  Boston may not be on my bucket list now but I plan to run at least two or three halfs within the year including Las Vegas which would be up there with the Washington DC Marine Corp and Chicago Marathon I ran.

I have lost inches and weight but the biggest change is that I feel like my old self again and I thank Rachelle.  I may never be able to run a marathon again or ski moguls but after my six months of training with Rachelle I plan to continue to train with her and she has promised me that when I run my first local half marathon she will run the last 10km with me.

Not only is Rachelle professional and dedicated to her career but also we have become friends and have some good laughs together.  Who knew I would now like to go to the gym.  Thank you Rachelle.

Matt Battachio


Matt Battachio

Since I started training with Rachelle, I’ve been able to enjoy working out again. When we started together, I said to her, “My goal is to not get injured.” That’s changed. I’m now able to push myself harder, and have significantly improved my strength, stamina, and overall health. This has led to me being more confident when doing physical activity, and working out in general. Training with Rachelle has been awesome, I always enjoy coming to the gym because I know there will be new exercises planned. It’s not the same boring routine every time, it’s always evolving to fit my fitness level and what I’m looking for. The best thing about Rachelle though, is her attitude. Even if she might be having a bad day, she never brings that to the gym, she’s always positive. Last, and most importantly, she has hilarious sayings like “Leg day swag.” which make me laugh haha. Anyways, I absolutely 100% recommend you train with Rachelle. You’ll be better for it.